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Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
8:06 pm
Another fanart
Jono, Kafele (Jono and Seth's son. Explained furhter in the picture info) and Kisara, my unsual Ancient Egypt family reading a bedtime story or something else together.

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
11:52 am
Dry shouts fanart
A black and white picture of Heba, Yuugi's past life. This was originally drawn for another story I was planning to write a long time ago, but in the end I didn't. But well, I haven't changed his looks or his background story, so it can as well be used for this story as well.

First picture of a project I was planning on doing, that represented all the couples of "Dry shouts" from Ancient Egypt. There was going to be five pictures, so far there's three. I'm pretty bad at finishing my drawing projects ^^;. Anyways, Teana and Mana.

Second picture for the Ancient lovers project, Mesi and Hondo.

Something I drew for fun. Yami and Yuugi's first date in the future of "Dry shouts" universe.

Third and so far the last picture for the Ancient lovers drawing project. Ryou and Bakura (yes, they will appear in the story. Only later).

A picture of Jou's past life, Jono. I drew him actually times ago, but I fixed the old picture a little, inked, scanned and coloured it.

Heba, Atemu, Yami and Yuugi in somewhere of my AU versions of "Dry shouts" enjoying the summer. I'm very proud of this ^^. Finally I managed to draw four people in the same picture!

Icon I made thinking this community, but for some reason it doesn't want to accept it, and I've tried everything. A little help here? ^^;.

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11:41 am
The stories
The real story. A tale that began with an idea of a love-triangle that involved a very confused Yuugi, but ended up being a Puzzleshippingx2 story. Summary: Season zero AU. Yami's life was, at best, an uncertain path of trying to come out of his feelings towards his best friend. But one little puzzle can make much difference, and he figures there is a lot more behind his love than he ever assumed. YY, SJ, BR

"A State of Mind", a Chaseshipping story set in Ancient Egypt that tells of Hondo (Honda's past life), Osaze (Otogi's past life) and their hopeless love in this cruel world of ours and that in the end could only exist in death. Angsty. Summary: Honda remembers his life in ancient Egypt and his hopeless love with Otogi and the state of mind which tore them apart but ultimately brought them back together. HxO

"Just a little something", a story I wrote for LeShea's birthday. This is an Ancient Egypt story as well. In it Atemu has a birthday and Heba (Yuugi's past life) has difficulties of figuring what to give him. Kind of angsty, but only mildly. Summary: A past side story for "Dry shouts". Heba had no idea what to give Atemu for his birthday. Little did he know he had given him three things without even trying.

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Monday, June 9th, 2008
10:18 pm
Hi everybody! I hope you'll have fun!

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